Goldman Center for Student Accessibility

Tulane's motto is "non sibi sed suis," or "not for oneself, but for one's own."  At the Goldman Center, we bear this out daily, promoting access for each and every member of our academic community.  We seek to eliminate impediment, ensure accommodation, and advocate intentionality.  We recognize that a community rich in diversity acknowledges that great minds think differently.

The staff of the Goldman Center invite you to connect with us via phone, e-mail or an in-person meeting to discuss your individual access to our community.  When necessary, reasonable accommodations can be implemented to modify the academic environment.  Because no two students are alike, our staff members work collaboratively with students to develop an individualized plan which allows for an equal opportunity for success.  To learn more, scroll down to view our video!

If you have had accommodations in the past, or feel you will need them during your time at Tulane, please connect with our office as soon as possible to learn more about the services that might be available to you.

For current students with approved accommodations, click the "CURRENT STUDENT - LOGIN" button below. 

To begin the process for requesting accommodations, click "Start Here - with TU username" if you have a Tulane email and password, or click "Start Here - without TU username" if you do not have a Tulane email and password.

If you require housing accommodations based on a medical need or disability status, click here for information about the housing accommodation request process.


If you have approved accommodations or are a volunteer note-taker:


If you wish to apply for accommodations and have a Tulane username and password:
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If you wish to apply for accommodations and DO NOT have a Tulane username and password:
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