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Report Accessibility Barriers

Tulane University strives to ensure that our campus experiences and spaces - including, but not limited to: buildings (dorms, dining areas, classrooms, athletic facilities, medical facilities, etc.), transportation, parking areas, events, course materials, and policies - are accessible and free of barriers.

Our commitment to accessibility extends beyond the physical campus to any programs, activities, and services provided by Tulane.

If you encounter accessibility issues such as objects blocking access areas, broken automated doors, inaccessible events, or attitudes or lack of understanding that impose barriers, please let us know. We will do our best to address the issue through reasonable means of accommodation.

Please use this form* to describe the barrier with as much information as necessary to help us understand the situation.

*The type of concern should be listed as "Disability & Accessibility."

We will take this information and notify those who can resolve the matter, contact the person or get involved directly as needed, and contact you if any more questions remain.

Thank you for taking a few moments out of your day to share this barrier. Without this information, we cannot achieve our goal of making Tulane the most accessible campus experience possible.